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You may have 1 to 5 hours online session, which can be divided into minimum 20 minute mini-sessions.

5 hour session will receive a

10% discount.


You pay $60 USD per hourly session. Mentors and mentees may discuss further details.

• 1 hour fee: $60 USD

• 5 hour fee: $270 USD

Follow up

All sessions are recorded and will be sent to you.


Your purchased hours do not expire. We encourage you to use your hours while your mentor is still available.


Want to know more information? Leave us a message!

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Before your session

Have your questions at hand! Make a list of everything you want to discuss with your mentor before each session to

maximize your time. All the necessary information we need can be found in our contact page

After you contact us, we review your work and assign you a mentor.

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