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VFX-Dailies welcomes Tara Donovan, (MPC Lead animator) and Phil Bonner, (Animal Logic Modelling Supervisor) as our mentors!

Tong Zhou

Senior Generalist

@ ILM Vancouver

Over ten years in vfx as a generalist, Tong has faced down a variety of challenges throughout his professional life, which includes but is not limited to modeling, texturing, lookdev, lighting, rigging, animation and fx, etc. He considered each time as a perfect opportunity to improve his craft and is, even now, striving to surpass his limits. 

He has worked on projects such as Aquaman, Solo, Meg, and Miss Pregrine's home for Peculiar Children at VFX power houses such as ILM, ScanlineVFX, Digital Domain and Prime Focus etc. 



CG Generalist Mentor

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