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VFX-Dailies welcomes Tara Donovan, (MPC Lead animator) and Phil Bonner, (Animal Logic Modelling Supervisor) as our mentors!


Vancouver, BC

How it came to be

Throughout many years of professional experience, Mark Wong has come across many passionate 3D artists who sought out their advice and inspiration. And that’s how in 2018 this idea came to be: Online One on One Mentoring.


Mark Wong

Head and Founder


Mark is the founder of VFX-Dailies. He currently works at Scanline VFX as a 3D animator. With more than 15 years of experience in feature films, games, TV Series, Mark is passionate about teaching and has been an instructor in schools such as Think Tank and BCIT since 2009. Along the way he worked at Capcom Vancouver, Digital Domain, Prime Focus World, among others before moving on to Scanline VFX where he has worked on Aquaman, MEG, Antman and the Wasp and many more.

About VFX-Dailies

VFX-Dailies is an online one on one mentoring service for 3D artists that want to reach the next level in their careers. With our mentors who work full-time within the industry, we ensure that our students receive the latest skills and knowledge. Our aim is to provide affordable mentoring, catered to all your needs, we are flexible around your interests and what you feel you need to grow in.  No set courses, no set timelines, no contracts, start and finish when it suits you - you just buy the time to use off of us.

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